Door Screen Repair Los Angeles

Door Screen Repair Los Angeles

Touch base with Screen Weaver for a professional door screen repair in Los Angeles. We can offer you a premium quality screen replacement that is both durable and decorative. Our custom design screens give your project a unique appeal when you have to replace a door screen; vine and bamboo designs in gray or black add warmth and beauty to any location, whether it’s in your main home, RV, retail store, business, or lanai. Browse our custom screens, then make a call to our installation pros to request a free quote for materials and labor.

5 Reasons To Choose Us For A Screen Repair

1. You can repair a screen door once it’s been damaged, but it will never look quite like a brand new door screen. While guests may not be able to detect that a repair was made, you’ll know, and you’ll always be able to see where the repair was made. If you prefer a brand new door screen rather than a band-aid fix, make a call to Screen Weaver to discuss your screen replacement with our team.

2. Is your patio door screen old and filled with holes? Few things are worse than flies coming into your patio when you’re trying to enjoy a picnic or outdoor meal with friends & family. Screen Weaver’s experts can replace a patio door screen with our decorative screens so that flies will stay out where they belong.

3. If you attempt to replace a screen on a door without the right tools, you’ll end up with door screens that weren’t stretched properly during the install. Our technicians arrive at your home with enough screening material and the right equipment to ensure your 100% satisfaction. Whether it’s a screen door or window frame, we’ll always leave you with a professionally completed project that looks great and lasts for many years.

4. We’re a family owned and operated company serving Los Angeles and Orange Counties. Keeping your money local is an excellent way to support your community and help small business owners stay afloat during a downturned economy. You can read more about Screen Weavers on our website or stay connected with us on social media.

5. If you prefer to do the work yourself, you can purchase our custom design screen from our Web store and find complete installation resources on our site. With our assistance your door screen repair in Los Angeles will turn out great. Make sure to measure accurately or hire a local screen installer to do the measuring for you- we’re available over the phone if you need our assistance.

If you need quality screening for a residential door screen repairin Los Angeles or wholesale pricing for your enterprise, we can provide the information you need when you reach out to us. Don’t hesitate to call our office at 310-721-0419 with your questions or use our contact link available online. Check out our photo gallery for screen ideas for your home or business if you need fresh ideas.

Door Screen Repair Los Angeles

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