best free VPS

best free VPS

A VPS (known as a Virtual Private Server ) is generally an intermediate plan between the classic shared hosting that we all know, and dedicated servers. They are usually ideal to have privacy, security, and guaranteed resources for our applications and websites.

While VPS has lost a bit of ground to the new Cloud VPS (also known as Cloud Hosting or Cloud Servers ), there are providers that still offer free VPS , without you having to pay top dollar for them.

Having a free VPS is possible, although you will have to bear in mind that you will not have the same performance as a traditional VPS, with premium support and connectivity service, as is the case with paid services.

We recommend using a free VPS only if your goal is to test with personal developments, applications that are not in production, try a VPS with new technologies, etc.

Free VPS

Before we go any further: if you have some money to invest, it is always better to go for a cheap VPS instead of a free one. And if you are looking to host your WordPress for free on high-performance shared servers, we recommend reading: Free Hosting with WordPress .

best free VPS

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